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—— production of door closer,rail

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  ANXUN hydraulic hardware factory is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic closers, rail manufacturers, after  years of development, has formed a market advantage, technology advantage,their talent advantage and geographical advantage,has a modern enterprise management concept is the professional team.       I plant the production of sophisticated,scientific,  standardized quality system to ensure the stability of product quality and enhance the level of.   I plant the use of network marketing tools and customer focus of the idea , with excellent quality, reasonable price and first-class service, so that the market share continues to improve. Products are exported to all over the country, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other markets, long-term sales continued to grow.   The quality policy adhere to the  "quality first, reputation first,100 satisfied,we are partners of our dealers,consumers are friends,we are sincere to the letter,continuous improvement,customer satisfaction is our goal.


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